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Dog Training Using Food Treats For Your Dog

Using food treats, we all have used them at one time
or another. I’m guilty of using food treats. I’ve
used these to trick my dog to listen to me and
obey my commands. But sometimes your dog will not
listen to you, so Dog Training Using Food Treats
For Your Dog sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

Dog Training Using Food Treats For Your Dog and
how to maximize it is not complicated. I’ll show
you some simple tricks from Doggy Dan-the dog trainer
that I have learned from him. It has helped me in training my

Here are some simple tricks:
1. Dogs are motivated by the size of the food
reward. Smaller treats first followed by larger
one. It’s better this way, instead of giving your
dog small treats all the time. Your dog will get
excited when your dog gets a surprise from a
smaller one to a larger one. It will not be
boring to him.

My friend Doggy Dan told me a story about the magic
sausage. This man used to feed his dog off the
BBQ grill. So every time he fired his BBQ grill,
his dog would sit there wanting food. Doggy Dan’s
recommendation is this: Never feed your dog from
the BBQ grill, but instead wait till later in the
day when your grill is turned off and you have
cleaned everything, call your dog. Your dog is not
expecting this. Then when your dog arrives surprise
him with a whole sausage if he is big dog. Your
dog will be surprised and this will motive your
dog to another level. Use different ones to keep
your dog guessing every time. The end result:
This will motivate them and they will come running
all the time. If yours is small then do not give
your dog a whole sausage, you get the picture.

2. What’s better to your dog than a whole sausage?
The answer is: give your dog a handful of 4 or 5
pieces all at once. This is far better than a whole
sausage all at one time.

3. What treat does your dog like? Dogs are like people
they have their favorite food treats. So if your
want your dog to perform at its best find out their
favorite dog treat.

This could be a big difference. This motivation is
related to you using different treats. Use healthy
treats because the ones that have more fat at not
good for your dog. That is why Dog Training Using
Food Treats and how to maximize, it does work.

If you liked this Stay tune for some more DOG TRAINING TIPS.

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