fussy eater

Dealing with dogs that are “fussy eaters”

Many pet owners have the perception that their dogs become fussy or selective in what they eat. In reality, this is actually very uncommon. Most dogs, if on a balanced diet, will eat most any dog food/ flavor. In fact, if a dog is refusing to eat what is put in front of it, the most likely reason is that he/she simply is not hungry.

One of the most common causes of dog illness and health problems is overfeeding by the pet owners. Dog obesity is a growing issue as more and more dogs are being fed too much and not getting the right amount of exercise.

Unless your dog has lost a lot of weight and become skinny, you should take its rejection of food as a sign to review their diet and lifestyle. Many owners are totally unaware of how much they should be feeding their particular breed of dog. In fact, many owners are advised by vets to review the diet they give their dogs and use plans like Hill’s Science Plan.

Obviously, if there is a clear sign of illness or suffering that is preventing your dog from eating, and they are losing weight to the point of looking unhealthy, then you should pay a visit to the vets. In this case, there could be any number of things wrong with your dog, from oral problems to digestion issues. However, it would not be down to the taste or flavor of the dog food.

If in doubt about what your dog prefers, they will always benefit from healthy, well-formed dog food. Royal Canin, for instance, has always specialized in producing dog food that focuses on nutritional goodness.

It may seem obvious, but it is impossible for a dog to tell you what it needs and wants. Try and notice the signs they give, as providing the right diet (not the right flavor) for your dog is vital.

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