Cheap hamster cages for sale

Not everyone likes the idea of having a hamster in the house as they will see them as rodents but there is a sizable community out there who adore hamsters. Hamsters are not too hard to take care of, they spend most of their time in cages & the food they need is relatively cheap. But not everyone will want to put their hamster in a cage. so is a cage hamster better off than a free hamster? Of course they’re better off as they are safe in the cage, a free hamster wouldn’t survive a day in the wild. Even hamsters cages themselves are very cheap & can be used over & over again.

One of the most important things to tell children who raise hamsters is that a hamster needs plenty of access to water. Hamsters can also over eat, so it would be wise to limit their food to just the correct amount which you can follow on the instructions which are printed on their food packets.

If you must leave for somewhere & you can’t take your hamster with you then you should have someone feed them in your absence rather than giving them a week’s supply all in one day. Overfeeding hamsters can do real harm or even kill them, remember a hamster will more than likely keep eating rather than saving some food for the next day.

Hamsters are no different to any other animal when it comes to exercise. They need to keep active all the time so it’s important that you fill their cage with hamster toys & most important of all, hamster wheels where they can run around in. By keeping active, you’ll avoid hamster health issues & they will be a lot healthier in the long run & will avoid obesity & diseases which go with the territory.

Some pet owners believe that hamsters are very intelligent & that they can show real emotions & affection. Many will want to keep their pets with them all the time but this can be a problem as hamsters are pretty active at night so they should be kept somewhere other than where you are sleeping or you might just be kept up all night with the noise.

It’s also important to realize that hamsters have a very high reproductive rate & will of course breed if you put a male & female together. They can have up to fourteen pups at a time so it can be a real surprise when they come. Some owners make a tidy profit by selling back the pups to the pet shop from which they purchased the original hamsters from.

Big hamster cages are the way to go according to most hamster owners, some will invest in dwarf hamster cages but this depends on the type of hamster & how big it will get. But if you’re purchasing a standard size pet then the larger the cage the better it will be for the overall health of the pet. There are literally thousands of cheap hamster cages for sale today so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a cage which suits your needs.

If you are thinking about getting a hamster or already have one then it’s important to know that hamsters need some room to thrive. A hamster’s cage should be big enough to accommodate at least two hamsters.  It should have several hamster toys & a hamster running wheel so they can keep active & don’t put on excess weight. Toys for hamsters are relatively easy to come across, many toys enable the hamster to chew so that it can strengthen its teeth.

When looking for a good hamster cage make sure that is comes with a good strong handle so you can transport them easily. The bars should be made of metal & should be able to accommodate a water bottle which you’ll need to clip on the side of the cage. Some people dump the cages altogether & will put their hamsters in an aquarium (without the water of course), this allows some great views of the hamster & is becoming more & more popular although you’ll still need a cage when you are transporting them anywhere. If you choose an aquarium, make sure there is enough air getting in!

Placing your hamster cage in a safe location should be one of you top priorities as a pet owner. All too often hamster cages are placed at the edge of tables where that can easily be knocked to the ground. This can seriously hurt your pet or cause shock or they can simply escape if a door on the cage pops open.  If a hamster escapes its cage then you’re going to have real problems getting them back as all too often they don’t want to be found. So always ensure that the cage is secure & that there are plenty of toys like hamster balls to play with & places they can hide & plenty of water, by doing these things you’ll ensure the health of your hamster for many years to come.

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